Interview with Karen Troyer Ladman and giveaway!

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I present you Karen Troyer Ladman, specialKknits on ravelry., another G.A.L's designer who accepted being interviewed and talk to us a bit about her lovely work. If you want to get a chance of wining a pattern of your choice just leave a comment to this post with your contact (just one comment per person, please). I will randomly pick a winner and Karen will donate one pattern from her store. Thanks for your generosity, Karen!

Hi Karen! Could you tell us a bit about yourself and how you start designing?
I am a home daycare provider and mom to two boys who were adopted from China.
For a long time, I mostly knit square things (scarves, stoles, dishcloths). I was getting bored and a friend told me that shaping wasn’t that hard. I knit a pair of baby booties and I was hooked!
One day I was washing dishes with my Chinese Waves dishcloth when it hit me that the slipped stitch pattern would make and snuggly warm hat. It was like a puzzle making the pattern flow through the decreases, and I love a good puzzle. I published the pattern as a fund raiser for Love Without Boundaries (a charity that works with orphans in China).

How would you describe your style?
Crazy hand-knit lady? LOL. Hopefully not. I would call my style is classy sassy mom – no mom jeans, though.

Is there any pattern you were particularly proud of designing?
I love my Punto Mitts and Mittens pattern. It was a challenge to figure out how to continue the stitch pattern through the gusset and I love how it looks. I also like that the pattern includes a mitten option for extra flexibility.

What concerns the designing process which aspect you find more challenging and which one is more rewarding?
The most challenging part is figuring what ideas to develop. I have a sketch book full of ideas and don’t know which to work on first. As a busy mom, it’s also a challenge to find time to turn a idea/FO into a real pattern.
The most rewarding part is seeing other people knitting my designs. It’s so cool to see how other knitters choose colors and their own ideas in knitting my designs.

Do you have any favorite theme, inspiration that guides you through your work?
I’m inspired by how stitch names and knitting terms translate to real life feelings or happenings. My Crossing Paths Mitts were inspired when I had to knit a mitten for a mitten swap (a partner and I swapped right hand mittens). I wanted to convey that I was so happy our paths had crossed and when I found a cable called Crossing Paths, I found inspiration.

Do you have any favorite technique and influence?
I love cables. There is something very cool about how simply knitting stitches out of order creates twists and turns. Learning to cable without a needle revolutionized my cable knitting Now cables are as fast as straight knitting for me.

And what about colors, is there any particularly shade that stands out?
I love blues right now. Icy or deep, blue is speaking to me.

If you had the opportunity to learn a new skill what would it be?
I would love to learn steaking, but I’m just intimidated to cut into my knitting!

What’s your favorite item to design?
I am on a bit of a fingerless glove and mitten kick. And since they make such nice, quick gifts, it’s a great time of year to be knitting them.

If you had to design a different kind of item what would it be?
I have several shawl ideas I want to develop, but they haven’t risen to the top of the queue yet.

Regarding the knitting world, what’s your favorite season?
I love cold winters. It’s a great time to have a pile of wool on your lap as you’re knitting.

 If you had to choose one pattern from this GAL to knit or crochet which one would you pick?
I have already knit an Eskimo Hat (by Ellen Anderson – lnand) and a Sugar Pine Hat (by Aimee Alexander – getknitty). Those are gifts, but I plan to make Fightin’ Words (by Annie Watts – wattsolak) for me! Sorry, I guess that’s not one, is it?

What’s your favorite aspect of this GAL?
I love bunch of Indie Designers has come together to create a fun, gift-knitting event. Indie stands for independent, but this has been a total team event.

Would you like to share with us any new project?
I am having a KAL (knitalong) in the Fingerless Gloves Fanantics group on Ravelry in January. I can’t reveal too much, but I’m really excited about using traveling stitches in this project.

You can find more about Karen's work at ravelry and at her blog, thanks for reading and remember to comment if you'd like to get a change of winning one of Karen's patterns!


  1. I love the "Waves of Love" Hat pattern.

    lmecoll on Ravelry

  2. Her Crossimg path mitts are gorgeous! I'd really need a pair of those right now :P

    stellacometa on Ravelry

  3. I totally love the waves of hope pattern but if I won I'd have to get the crossing path mitts so I could BUY the waves of hope pattern!!!

    KnittingKylie on Ravelry

  4. The winner has been picked! I used the random number generator) and the lucky reader is Linda! Thanks everyone for your participation:-)